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Free Lesson: Refining the use of moving average crossover

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    2 replies to "Free Moving Average Lesson – Aldo Lagrutta"

    • Aaron Lockhart

      Good evening Professor Aldo. I use a combination MA system in my FxAST trading system. In this lesson you don’t specify why you use a EMA and a SMA. I use the 13,21 in my system as well along with the 5 and 62 (Rob Bookers original system talked about the 5/13/62 crossover with rules). Thanks and appreciate your time.

      • Aldo Lagrutta

        Hi Aaron,

        Thank you for your comment.

        There’s no reason at all to use an exponential and a SMA. There’s no magic in using an exponential, a weighted or a simple moving average. In trading it is like in medicine, what’s the best medicine? The one that works. Likewise if the combination you use with the 5 and 62 works, use that one. I myself have different templates with different combinations, periods and types.

        BTW… the same thing applies not only to the type of moving average but to the period. You could use the 14 and the 20 without much difference in the results. Many people get attached to the period because it is a Fibonacci number, or because of the trading days of the week, month, etc… And example of that is the Ichimoku Cloud. It uses the numbers corresponding to the number of trading days in Japan at the moment. Yet it continues to work well even though those days are now different…

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