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Join Point & Figure Mastery Bootcamp Now!
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Five Days Of Intensive Training On Point & Figure Charting
Ways To Identify The Highest Probable Market Moves
How To Know Your Exact Stop Placement
How To Time Your Entries With Precision
How To Spot Counter-Trend Moves Within The Trend
How To "Catch The Turn"
Ways To Maximize Your Profits

Intensive Entry Fee: $997 / Today: $697

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What's Point and Figure Charting?

Point & Figure Chart

Point and Figure is known to be “the secret jewel of trading”. It's a technical analysis technique in which time is not represented on the x-axis - like you’re probably accustomed to see in a candle or bar chart - Instead price changes, independent of time, are recorded via a series of columns ‘X’s and O's. 

The X’s are used for increasing price movements and the ‘O’s for decreasing prices. Trading rules are then defined over clearly objective patterns in the ‘X’s and ‘O’s. 

With only the purity of price as the sole analytical factor, 

P&F charts reveal much clearer trends, support and resistance levels and breakouts than any other type of charting. Hence P&F is considered the most objective and reliable technique you will ever find in the entire universe of technical analysis.

What We’re Doing

I’m going to present to you one of the great secrets of the Technical Analysis World in the most simplified way possible without the difficulties and frustrations that are usually involved in the process.
We’re going to IMPLEMENT the wisdom of the Point & Figure Charts FAST, and you’ll know in a matter of days how to apply the ideal 90/10 setup to your trading.
We’re APPLYING IT! This Intensive goes way beyond theory; it’s all about implementation. By the end of this Intensive you’ll be able to identify the most important Point & Figure patterns and accurately take the highest probability trades you’ll ever find.

How We Are Going To Work

We'll be meeting every day for five days, LIVE, over GoToWebinar. The sessions will be one hour long and will all be recorded and posted for you immediately.
You’ll be added to a special members-only FB Group... specifically for this Intensive. There you’ll be able to see the recordings of the webinars, ask all your questions, clarify your doubts, post your own analysis and homework, etc...

Here Is What You’ll Get During This Intensive

You’ll get a complete Trading Methodology - typically used only by professional technicians - that allows you to analyze and trade with objectivity and conviction.
You’ll have the clearest buy and sell signals. No Subjectivity or ambiguity!
You’ll learn how to manage trades in extreme details AND most importantly, manage your risk like a true professional.
I’ll show you exactly how to interpret a Point & Figure chart in order to clearly identify the trend and trade with it.
You’ll be looking over my shoulder as I walk you through every step of taking a good trade from the analysis of it to where to place the stops, determine the target and manage your trade.

Yes, for two weeks, I shall be devoted entirely to you and all the Intensive participants.

I'm going to teach you this by DEMONSTRATION. Every day I’ll be posting charts with examples of the patterns we discussed during our webinar sessions.

No theory or after the fact, but right there in front of you.

PLUS… you’ll get a private session - one-on-one - with me where you can ask me anything and I’ll try to help you implement everything we discussed during the Intensive.

This offer is exclusive to the first 20 members only and it's still available right now!

30 Minutes Coaching Call With Prof. Aldo Lagrutta

And Here's Some More...

Actual working examples of patterns and how to determine at what point to get into a trade…
You’ll learn how to build your own chart
You’ll know exactly how price action makes the chart move
You’ll gain confidence in every single trade you take henceforth. That’s a huge claim, but a REAL one that only Point & Figure traders can claim.
I will share the trading set-ups with higher odds to perform and will tell you exactly how such patterns have worked historically.
You’ll know How to time your entry points with absolute precision -- no more jitters, just a clear way forward
How to control your risk with protective stop placements -- you'll know exactly when your interpretation is wrong, when you need to get out and the difference between those two.

By the end of the Intensive, you’ll have a clear understanding of the basic patterns of Point & Figure. I will make it relatively simple to understand something that sometimes takes years to learn. 

You’ll know exactly what to look for. Your brain will naturally spot those patterns in real markets and real-time without the customary years of practice and hard work. I’ve taught hundreds of students of all levels - from absolute beginners to seasons professionals - how to apply Point & Figure whether they want to day trade, Swing trade or Invest. Now at last you have the opportunity to learn live and ask all your questions and doubt both, during the live webinars, any time inside our private Facebook group AND/OR… during your private session with me. Here’s my promise: At the end of these 15 days, you'll be a completely different trader and your chances to earn a living as a trader will have increased exponentially.

Important Disclosure

While we discuss trades and I may announce some positions during the training for educational purposes only, the Intensive is NOT a "Trade Alert Signal Service". In fact, it’s the opposite: It makes you completely independent by providing you the tools to analyze and trade like a professional. My idea is that you learn and earn as fast as it is humanly possible.

I'm not promising you any financial results of any kind. Nor am I making or implying any income claims. It's impossible for me to make any predictions of that nature because success in trading has many variables. I don't know your psychology, your account size, your risk tolerance, your time horizon, etc...

What I can promise you without hesitation is that you will get the highest quality training in the industry, and you'll have a great learning experience as you look over my shoulder as I teach you how to analyze a chart using Point & Figure and trade any Financial Market in 15 days... or less!

The skillset I'm going to teach you is something you can never UN-LEARN.

And it is something that every trader on the planet wants: The ability to trade objectively with the utmost confidence, calmness and clarity. 

The skills you learn here CANNOT be taken away from you. You will have this knowledge forever.

Start Date And Schedule

Date: The 3rd of July until the 14th of July 2023

Once you register, you’ll receive a personal email from me with the link to join the webinars. And a few days later you’ll receive an invite to our private Facebook group as well as the class schedule.

We’ll be meeting on GoToWebinar on the scheduled days at 17:00 hours Berlin - 11:00 AM EST for 15 days.

You’ll have me personally supporting you every step of the way.

And if you're unable to attend a live session, NO WORRIES! They'll all be recorded and posted in your private Facebook group.

The Cost

Regardless of your prior experience or account size, if you trade any financial market, the Point & Figure Mastery Intensive is a must.

I know it is a ridiculous price. The retail registration rate for this event is normally $997/person, and I would say that is WAY too low. But it is my goal, NO, my mission, to make sure that every trader that comes to me for help learns a proper way to interpret the markets and accurately forecast price moves.

It is the only way to make trading the REAL business of your dreams, and I want to remove every possible barrier.

And so… The cost of this intensive 15-day training is only $697. This is a one-time fee, and you'll never be charged again.

That's a tiny investment for a LIVE HANDS-ON TRAINING of this type. Especially when many unqualified trainers will charge you several thousand dollars for their weekend courses.

Simply put, you'll learn everything you need to know about the Point & Figure charting in the most simplified way imaginable.

If you are committed to improving your trading and learning the professional way, this is indeed the most inexpensive and easy way to move to the next level.

And the reason for the low price is simple: This has been priced to help you win. Period.

Plus, as you'll soon see, most people who learn from me end up working with me for years because they get great value and REAL care.

Anyway, if you ever wanted to trade profitably and with confidence but found it nearly impossible... Or maybe you just want to transform your trading approach by learning what real professionals do in 15 days or less, this is definitely the right thing to do.

Regular Tuition Fee: $997 / Today: $697

Payment Methods

Meet Your Coach!

Prof. Aldo Lagrutta is an awarded Certified Financial Technician from the International Federation of Technical Analysts and holds several financial market designations, including the coveted Certified Elliott Wave Analyst.

He is also a member of the Society of Technical Analysis, holds the CFT’e, and is a recipient of the Bronwen Wood Prize bestowed by the Society of Technical Analysis in London.

Prof. Aldo Lagrutta grew up as a music child prodigy and became the youngest Professor to teach in several universities and conservatories around the world. He performed for 2 decades as a concert guitarist in Europe, Africa, North and South America.

Today as a private investor, he devotes himself to trading and guiding investors and traders in successful trading careers, focusing on saving them years of unnecessary pain, frustration, and financial losses. In order to accomplish this goal, he founded the “Technical Analysts Guild” - An Association of people with the same goal: To Create Life Abundance and Freedom via the correct approach, study and Implementation of Technical Analysis..

Having been a success coach and concert artist, he has specialized knowledge and training in the field of performance psychology which he integrates into all his training programs.

Prof. Aldo Lagrutta
Society Of Technical Analysts Member
CFTe Certified Financial Technician


You need to act fast! I’m only allowing a maximum of 20 participants in the Intensive. That way I can answer all your questions and take care of you personally. This is a HARD and FAST upper limit. NO EXCEPTIONS!

Remember, at the end of the program each participant will receive a 30 min one-on-one session. That by itself will demand extra 10 hours from me after the training. So this is not a marketing trick. I simply can not afford to accept more than 20 participants.

This is an incredible opportunity for you to participate in a tremendous learning experience that would otherwise cost you thousands of dollars and years of suffering…

It’s indeed an AMAZING bargain!

Regular Tuition Fee: $997 / Today: $697

Payment Methods

Who Should Attend

The program is designed for Professional traders, brokers, dealers, fund managers, portfolio managers, market analysts, other investment professionals, private investors, and academics.

It is also for Futures, Stocks and/or Forex traders of ALL levels who want to become serious Market Technical Analysts and Profitable Traders in the shortest time possible regardless of their market preference, experience or account size.

Finally, Point & Figure Mastery Intensive is for ANY trader who has been struggling to earn money trading and is in need of turning profitable in the shortest possible time.

Happy Trader

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a Real Live training or is it a pre-recorded series of webinars?

The entire event is LIVE! During the 15 day training, you receive 6 live Webinars where you can interact with Prof. Aldo Lagrutta and ask as many questions as you need to.

I can not attend at the time of the Live training, will there be any recordings?

Yes, ALL training sessions will be recorded and immediately posted in our membership area.

Can I show my charts to see how I am doing?

For the entire course not only you can show your charts and receive feedback for each one of them, but you’re also required to do so. After every class, you receive a homework assignment and once you post them, Prof. Lagrutta will be giving you corrections, personalized instructions, and feedback within hours.

Why should I do this Intensive instead of reading a book about Point & Figure?

There are many reasons why… here are just a few that you may want to consider:

It’s almost impossible to learn such a sophisticated technique without a mentor or a coach. You may spend months or years before you can have a decent understanding of its application to REAL markets. In the Intensive you do that right from the start.

You’ll be learning from a REAL certified Market technician who actually trade using Point & Figure charts and who has been awarded for his forecasts.

You’ll have 15 days of hands-on coaching program with a dedicated pedagogue with decades of teaching experience.

You can have all your questions and doubts fully clarified on the spot. You can never get that from a book.

During the Intensive, you’ll get Community Support: You'll be sharing in our private Facebook group especially for this Bootcamp, so you can interact with other traders and form partnerships with like-minded people.

The Intensive can only be described as a semi-private learning environment. The number of participants is extremely limited so you can get full and personal attention.

The Price: While the normal cost for one-week intensive Bootcamp is $997, the deep discount of 30% that you can get today is similar to the price of any video course, but with all the added coaching, community and interactive benefits.

Certified Elliott Wave Analyst
CFTe Certified Financial Technician
Society Of Technical Analysts Member

Some Of What Our Happy Students Said

Average Rating 4.8

Verified Students Reviews

All testimonials and reviews are verifiable and you can request proof documentation.

Aldo is the best I have seen in this business, anyone will be well satisfied with the results when learning from Aldo.

Jerry West

Saint Francisville Louisiana

Thank you, Aldo, very much for playing such a big role in my road to success. I will be for ever thankful to you… Much of what I am becoming as a trader (and also otherwise), is because of your kind input and teachings, mentoring, support and advice.

Jannie Kirsten

South Africa

It was an amazing experience because I learned to see the markets in a completely new perspective.

Rolf Waesche

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