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Elliott Wave Mastery Intensive 2024

Event Date: March 2024

I’m going to present to you the most simplified way to learn the Wave Principle without the difficulties and frustrations that are usually involved in the process.

This intensive program goes way beyond theory; it’s all about implementation. In fact, the entire training is interactive. By the end of the Intensive you’ll have received all the knowledge, rules and guidance that you'll be a Master Elliott Wave Technician. And what is best, you’ll have 4 entire and intensive weeks of professional coaching.

You’ll be capable of forecasting any financial market with tremendous accuracy using the Wave Principle.

Becoming an Elliott Wave Analyst will not only give your career a boost, but also ensure that you will make better informed trading and investment decisions.

Point & Figure Mastery Intensive 2024

Event Date: June 2024

Point and Figure is known to be “the secret jewel of trading”. It's a technical analysis technique in which time is not represented on the x-axis - like you’re probably accustomed to see in a candle or bar chart - Instead price changes, independent of time, are recorded via a series of columns ‘X’s and O's.

I’m going to present to you one of the great secrets of the Technical Analysis World in the most simplified way possible without the difficulties and frustrations that are usually involved in the process.

We’re going to implement the wisdom of the Point & Figure charts fast, and you’ll know in a matter of days how to apply the ideal 90/10 setup to your trading.

This intensive training goes way beyond theory; it’s all about implementation. By the end of this intensive you’ll be able to identify the most important Point & Figure patterns and accurately take the highest probability trades you’ll ever find.

K. Shahid

“I began this trading journey over 8 years ago, but never did I see results until I began learning from Aldo. Before he would even speak of strategy, he did webinars that taught about trading psychology. Thanks to Aldo I have become a much better trader. Every year I become more profitable monetarily, and with the skills and psychology to become a full-time trader at some point. Aldo introduced us to the Elliot Wave and using this theory to trade the forex market, and the majoritary of Elliot trades we have entered have been winning trades. So keep the knowledge coming Aldo, and thanks for everything ”

K. Shahid


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