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Elliott Wave Made Easy

there is not a single Elliott Wave Mentoring Program that would guide you with such detail and with so much intensity to make sure you simply succeed as an analyst AND as a trader.

You learn how to uncover the highest-confidence opportunities and to identify the best entry points and price targets, so you can squeeze the most from the positions you enter.

The benefits of our tool are clear
How To Identify The Highest Probable Market Moves
Know Your Exact Stop Placement
How To Time Your Entries With Precision
When To Let Your Winners Run
How To Maximise Your Exits and much more...

Trend Line Mastery

We all agree that we need a robust trading methodology. In fact, we all look for it everywhere, insatiably. We buy courses, watch YouTube videos, ask other traders, etc… But what we don’t realize is that a robust trading methodology does not need to be complicated. In fact, the secret of a good trading methodology is that it needs to be as simple as a ring and reproducible. The Trend Line Mastery Course provides you with exactly that: a COMPLETE trading methodology with clear targets, entries, stops, and trade management.

You will learn:
Simple, Successful and Unambiguous Ways Of Using Trendlines
Practical Ways To Use Trendlines In Your Daily Analysis
How To Make Target Projections In The Future Solely Using Trendlines Without Fibonacci Extensions Or Retracements, Etc
How To Use Trendlines To Determine The Exact Turning Point Of The Market In The Future
How To Use Trendlines To Determine If The Market Is In A Corrective Or A Trending Phase and Much More...

Moving Average Mastery

The course is designed to take your trading to the next level. If you've been struggling to make profitable trades, this course is for you.

Our expert team, led by market technician Prof. Aldo Lagrutta, has years of experience successfully using moving averages in their own trading and now they're ready to share their knowledge with you.

Whether you're a beginner or an experienced trader, this course will teach you everything you need to know about moving averages and how to use them to improve your trading results.

If you want to improve your trading results and become a more successful trader, Moving Average Mastery is the course for you. With its practical applications and expert guidance, you'll be on your way to success in no time.

MACD Mastery

The MACD Mastery course is carefully crafted to elevate your trading to new levels and distinguish you from most traders.

With its 11-video series, this comprehensive course equips you with the expertise and tools needed to master a complete trading system using the MACD indicator.

While most traders may know the basic buy and sell signals of MACD, our course takes you far beyond that horizon. We're here to reveal the vast array of possibilities it offers.

Through our comprehensive training, you'll unravel the intricacies of MACD, unleashing its full potential and providing you with a reliable trading strategy.

Imagine being able to identify trade signals with precision and riding the waves of profit by making informed decisions. MACD Mastery introduces you to unconventional methods that harness the true power of MACD, opening your eyes to possibilities you might not have explored before.

Trading in the Cloud

This revolutionary course teaches you the correct interpretation and practical use of one of the easiest, and at the same time, utterly misunderstood indicators available: “The Ichimoku Cloud”.

Prof. Lagrutta takes you by the hand in 8 short and easy to follow videos that show you from the very start of how “Ichimoku Sanjin” – the creator of the Clouds – started to add Moving Averages to determine the main trend in a very unconventional way, yet, extremely effective.

“Trading In The Cloud” is a MUST for every trader and analyst who wants to have a tool that easily allows one to identify the trend, and who wants to trade “with the wind on his/her back” taking positions in the direction of the main trend.

Whether you’re a long term investor or a short term day trader, you’ll find “Trading In The Cloud” highly transformative and extremely valuable at the time of taking trading decisions.

TOP Performance Trading Psychology

Performance psychology IS The Most Important and at the same time, Neglected Element of Successful Trading. During this training, we will be digging precisely into the issues that have stopped you so far from becoming the professional trader that you deserve to be.

You will learn how to apply strategies of brain training and positive performance psychology to your trading. But you’ll also learn the effect that the market has on a trader, and… The effect that a trader has on the market.

You will learn an approach to trading developed from the newest findings from Neuroscience along with meditation and exercises that are scientifically proven to enhance all areas of knowledge and Intelligence. That includes pattern recognition, memory, perception, and even how to work with your intuition and the parts of your unconscious that have been blocking your progress thus far.

Everything Above and even more, is included in...

Technical Analysis Institute
Technical Analysis Institute

T.A.I Provides You With Everything You Need To Be A Successful Trader – regardless your level of experience

From trading strategies and indicators that allow you to trade the markets with consistent profits, to the most detailed courses and instructions in advanced Technical Analysis, market updates and even trade recommendations.

Technical Analysis: So you can easily identify the trends and forecast price moves in any market.
Every other Thursday, you receive lessons on Technical Analysis with the sole purpose of Improving Your Forecasting Abilities.
Technical Analysis: So you can easily identify the trends and forecast price moves in any market.
Every other Thursday, you receive lessons on Technical Analysis with the sole purpose of Improving Your Forecasting Abilities.
Behavioral Finance: Experience a life transformation on your Psychology.
Every other Thursday you receive lessons on Trading Psychology that cover far more than just “Behavioral Finance”, we go in depth on everything that will help you maximize your growth, have more confidence, self esteem and Harmony in your ENTIRE Life.
Strategy Courses: That show you exactly how to enter a position, place protective and trailing stops, determine your targets and manage your trades in the most effective way, so you can earn money from the get go.
Indicator Licensing: Allows you to apply our proven winning strategies for swing and position trades.
Expert Mentorship: Get personalized mentorship from certified market technicians who can guide you and troubleshoot your problems.
Personal Help: On Mondays we have our LIVE charting and coaching sessions where you get personal help to get your trading and analysis to where you want it to be.
You can get your Elliott labels reviewed by the professor and he helps you personally to get a better count, interpretation and forecast.
He’ll also help you clarify your doubts and implement any of the Technical Tools that you learn during the Technical Analysis lessons.
Anything you need, we do it together… LIVE every single week.

Being a member of the Guild doesn’t stop at acquiring a vast knowledge on Technical Analysis, you also get our Daily Market Forecast where we help you stay ahead of the waves in 6 Forex Currency Pairs and the Mini S&P 500.

Better Decisions: The Daily Market Forecast gives you timely, objective, expert analysis, so you can make smarter trading decisions.
Total Honesty: We tell you the good, the bad and the ugly. The different counts and interpretations, key levels to observe and the implications on 6 of the most traded Foreign Currency Pairs when we’re clear about the pattern in progress and when we’re not.
Large Range of Time Frames: For our analysis we use timeframes that range from intraday to weekly charts, so you can apply the forecast regardless your time horizon.
Get ALL You Need: You get our labeled charts, succinct commentary, stop placement, price targets and key support and resistance levels.
Daily Updates: The updates are posted daily and they are designed for serious market professionals and individuals who have at least a basic knowledge of the Elliott Wave Principle and traditional Technical Analysis.
Trade Alerts: Included in our analysis, not only we give you the next anticipated market direction, but we often present you with trade opportunities worth to consider and when applicable, the subsequent managing of such trades.

The only other way to have access to all this information and be coached by Prof. Aldo Lagrutta on regular basis would be by taking part in one of his elite mentoring programs and they go from $7,500 all the way to $25,000.

I'm available to answer any and all of your questions. If you would like to reach me directly, please click here.

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